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In building my accordions, I wanted to remain traditional in form, but incorporate my own touches.  I turn my own stops, and use custom made corner hardware.  I enjoy making accordions to a customer's special wishes.  I feel it makes it more special to a person if the accordion they had built has unique touches.  I will consider any custom request, though some may cost extra.

Prices will be based on options; wood type, color, and other choices that a customer may have, and I will consider any custom request.

Below are pictures of some that I've built so far. Click on a picture below for a larger view, which will open in a new window.



My first accordion, old red cypress from my grandfather's barn, key of C.
#2, curly maple stained red, key of C, no slides.


# 3, curly claro walnut, key of D.


# 4, cocobolo main wood, curly maple faceplates and trim, ebony trim. 9 button , key of C.


# 5, curly maple, stained reddish brown, key of C.


# 6, redwood burl, key of low G.


# 7, cypress main wood, with mahogany and walnut trim, key of C.

# 8, claro curly walnut with bloodwood trim and angelstep maple end plates. Key of C.


# 9, curly maple with Cicarrelli bombatte brass based reeds and pinned frames, key of C.

#10, curly claro walnut with angelstep curly maple endplates and bloodwood trim. Cicarrelli D brass based reeds

#11, the lightweight. Spruce wood with a mano C reeds.

# 12, Tineo wood with Binci a mano C reeds.


# 13, main wood is figured bubinga, with burl maple end plates, and maple and claro walnut trim, in key of B flat, 5 stops, with 4 base buttons.

#14, Curly maple with Antique Maple stain, mix Binci and Ciccarelli reeds in C. All made to order.

# 15, Claro walnut mainwood, angelstep maple faceplates, and ebony trim

# 16, Owner
provided cherry,
complete with
worm holes for
character, and
curly maple
faceplates in key
of C.
See more photos.


# 17, made completely out of alder, including faceplates and reed blocks, which makes it very lightweight and finished very smooth.  It started as a C, but was changed to D at customer request.

# 18, Mahogany salvaged from a bombed out building in London. Used the mahogany for all wood parts except slides, stop blocks, and backing plate. Truoil gunstock finish. Key of C.

# 19, a special project for a good friend. Wood is very old cypress salvaged from new owner's childhood Abbeville, La. home, and reeds are very old salvaged Hohner G reeds.

# 20, Claro walnut main wood, bloodwood trim and faceplates, brass hardware where possible. Truoil gunstock oil finish. Key of C.


# 21, Brazilian cherry main wood with ebony and brass trim. Pinned frames. Key of C.

# 22, A bit of a challenge, way different from my norm. Curly maple, destined for Polish hands.It is key of G, with LMM set up, and addition of C chords.

# 23, Maple lacquered black and rubbed down to a satin finish. Binci D reeds, tuned about 6 cents damp. Stops down to play.
# 24, claro walnut main wood, angelstep maple faceplates, and ebony trim. Binci C reeds, tuned about 7 cents damp.


#25. Cherry main wood and curly maple end plates, Ciccarelli D reeds.

#26. Painted maple. # 28. Curly
Maple with antique cherry stain, silver trim, key of C with Binci and Ciccarelli reeds
#29. Black and white ebony, in C, with 3 extra treble buttons, and 4 bass/chords. 5 stops. Leather by Jason Frey.


#30. Curly maple with deep red stain. Ciccarelli C reeds, stops down to play. Undersized bass box for itty bitty hands.

#31. 'Tit noir. Main wood of old reclaimed pine, with brass trim and buttons. Ciccarelli D reeds. #32. Very old reclaimed pine main wood. A project to try some reeds made in the manner of the old Saxony reeds used in the old German accordions like the ones that were latched onto in SW Louisiana. I'm very happy with the sound. Very close to the old German reeds except better response and more air efficient # 33. Curly maple stained brownish red, with ebony corners. Ciccarelli D reeds.






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